Cherrie Peng considers herself an ambicultural visionary as much as a jewelry designer.   

Growing up between China and Canada, Cherrie was constantly surrounded by visually rich and multicultural environments of East and West; thus, this unique upbringing greatly shaped her interesting “East-meets-West” perspective in the jewelry landscape.  A graduate of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in New York, Cherrie discovered her passion for creating bespoke jewelry during her stay in the artistically expressive metropolis.

Drawing inspiration from the art, nature, and architecture of both East and West, Cherrie’s vision is to capture and express the beauty of these elements through her pieces. “It’s an amazing feeling to bring a vision into reality”, she explains, in regard to the process of designing to the creation of a piece.  

Her designs are meant to be understated statement pieces, a characteristic that perfectly embodies Cherrie’s creativity and subtle showmanship.  She believes jewelry transcends self-adornments and is a form of self-expression that reflects a wearer’s innermost personality, character, and life experiences.